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Se abla inglish

This afternoon i have my toefl exam, that's why i'm writting in english. So, if you don´t understand a word, sooorryyyy sucker!. I have to accept that i didn't prepare myself too much for this test. Last wednesday I went to the movie theater (the bourne supremacy, it rules!), and yesterday i watch (or saw? shit... I think it's watch) E.R. at the tv. And then i was sleepy, so i didn't study.

However, I think muy english level is OK. I've been answering some tests that i found at the internet and at the "advanced" test i got at most 3 o 4 mistakes of a set of 10 questions. At one test i had 6 mistakes, but the questions were about regionalisms, for example:

In view of the way things have improved, I now feel confident enough to have another bite at the:
a) banana b) apple c) pear d) cherry

What the fuck? I mean, is like saying to a gringo words such as madre, no tiene madre, a toda madre, chinga tu madre. I don't have a clue. The correct answer to that question was cherry, if wanna know. Why ? don't know and I don't care.

I run out of ideas, write about english it's not so interesting, so i'm going to study a little bit.